A key part of choosing your new commercial property is knowing its limits. Zoning laws can make your perfect location unusable. Make sure to check what zoning laws are associated with the property, and what types of businesses are allowed to operate on the property. These laws may restrict the type of business allowed there and the hours of operations.

Zoning laws do not just handle what type of business is allowed. They can have regulations regarding parking, signs, water quality, air quality, noise, waste, appearance, and more. All aspects of your building and business need to be up to code with the guidelines presented. Any one of these things could cost you in the future, so be aware of all aspects of the zoning laws.

To educate yourself on zoning laws, rules, and regulations for your property visit your library or zoning office. Talk with people in the zoning office about your questions and concerns to get the clearest picture you can before you make your investment in the property. If you are using a realtor or advisor, it is wise to have them look over everything as well and make sure you did not miss anything.

The next step is making your investment. Cascade Capital Funding can help you finance your purchase in conjunction with your current bank or credit union. We work with the SBA to bring you the financing you need. Call us for more information at (503) 990-6868.

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