Before you start your journey of buying commercial real estate, you need to have a clear vision of your property requirements. Does your business need a lot of space? Do you have a specific location in mind that will attract the customers you want? If you are going to be an owner and user of the property, you should understand what you need for investment in both the short and the long term.

As anyone will tell you, location is key. When you are looking at a location, think as a customer would. Decide if a customer walking around the area would be interested in your services. How is the parking situation? Check the businesses around you to see if they have similar clientele.

You should also think of your employees. Create a good environment with enough room to accommodate your staff. A positive work environment influences a business’ ability to retain good employees.

If your business is growing, look for a building that is larger than what you might need right now. Plan and consider your size down the road so you do not have to make more costly investments in the future.

Once you know your plan, you can start to map out the details of what you are looking for. Understand what you want so you can start making steps in the direction of financing and buying the property of your dreams.

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