Having qualified partners to help you through the process is crucial to successfully making big decisions. This applies to buying commercial property. A good commercial realtor can streamline the process for you and make your decision easier and more fruitful. So how do you decide who’s a good match for your needs?

Referrals are a good place to start in any field. Ask friends and business partners who they have used and who they liked working with. This shows they have experience in the field as well as helps you get a better idea of what they might be like to work with.

Meeting with potential realtors is also a good way to help you get a feel for their style. Be sure to ask lots of questions ranging from personal to professional. Ask about schooling, experience, hobbies, and anything else you think will help you get a better understanding of how well they will work with you.

Make sure your realtor understands your and your business’ needs. You want to make sure they are a good fit and will get the job done effectively. If you are a small business, do not work with a realtor that handles mostly larger clients who might put you on the back burner. Ask them about their processes and find out how you would fit into that process.

In the end, trusting your instincts is effective in this decision. Choosing a realtor is a business decision, but is also a very personal one. If you can not seem to trust a potential realtor or get a bad feeling from them, move on with your search. This is a major decision and you want to be on the same page as whoever is assisting you with that.

When you are ready to buy, we’re ready to help you with the next step. Since 1983, Cascade Capital Funding has been helping Oregon companies expand their businesses, purchase real estate, machinery and equipment and create jobs in their communities through a partnership with local banks and the SBA’s 504 Loan Program. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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